The Healthiest Me Program 

Going beyond nutrition, we will work together to find what works best for you in all areas of your life. With The Healthiest Me Program, my goal is to introduce intuitive eating back into your life, teach you how to cope with the ebb and flows of finding balance, and say adios to the diet life for forever.

While we are working to achieve any physical goals that you may have, we will also work to break through old habits such as restriction, binge eating, and the feelings of guilt or anxiety with food. The Healthiest Me is about enjoying the food that you eat, living outside of labels, and truly feeling good in your own skin. In this program, we keep nutrition simple and we dive into what lightsyou up, what makes you feel your verybest, and what it means to live and lovethe healthiest you.

With program, you will receive:

  • 45-Minute Initial Consultation - Girl Chat: This is where we get to know everything about each other. I want to know all about you, your past, and where you want to be.

  • 4 Additional Meetings - Throughout the eight week program, we will schedule four additional meetings to catch up, set goals, work through obstacles, and strategize progression.

  • Unlimited Text Support

  • Personal Meal Plan: Calories + Macros OR Finding Balance

  • 8-Week Meal Plan - Catered to fit your needs, challenges and goals

  • The Simple Nutrition Guide

  • The Busy Gal’s Guide to Simple & Healthy Weeknight Meals

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