Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide

A Gift That Means The Most

Over the last few months, I had the opportunity to attend a few local events and flea markets, where I met many local vendors, artists, and small business owners from the Youngstown area. I have to be honest, I truly had no idea that Youngstown was home to so many talented, creative, passionate and hard working small business owners. From local artists and specialty bakeries to small coffee shops and one of a kind Youngstown apparel, I have never felt more inspired by this community, and truly honored to be apart of it.

As the daughter of a small business owner, girlfriend of a small business owner, and new to the world of owning my small business, I understand how important it is to shop local when you can, and as much as you can. When you choose to shop local, not only are you supporting the local economy, but you're supporting an individual who had the courage and persistence to start a business. I remember many moments where my mom was struggling to remain optimistic, and I live in many moments now when Chad and I feel the pressure of what it takes to work for yourself. Regardless of the thoughts and fears that most small business owners have, I think most can agree that there is no greater satisfaction than being able to impact and contribute to their community. That's what makes owning a small business and supporting a small business, so special.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite creatives and small local businesses that will help make your holiday season a little extra special this year. My intention with each shop is to provide you with something you can share this holiday season, as well as pass on a story. Regardless if Youngstown is your hometown, I want to encourage everyone to simply be mindful this year and choose to give a gift that gives back.

I have included each businesses instagram handle, as well as website, Etsy shop or Facebook page. If you have questions regarding how to order/purchase any product, please be sure to leave a comment below!

Miabella Books

@miabellabooks |  Miabella Book

If you're looking for a meaningful and heartfelt gift, Miabella Books is one of my favorites! In my opinion, nothing beats a personalized gift during the holidays. If it were up to me, every single gift would include some kind of monogram, or custom print, no question about it! There is nothing quite like sharing a gift that is meant for someone.

One thing that I love about Miabella Books is the fact that each custom order is a one of a kind. Every order is made from recycled books, hand painted, stamped, and perfectly arranged to reflect those special people, or animals, in your life. Yes animal lovers, you can include your favorite furry pal! To place an order or to receive more information on Miabella Books, be sure to visit her shop page through the link above!

Paws'n'Petals Vinyls


We're starting off strong with the "personalized" theme, but believe me when I tell you - there is nothing better than a gift that screams your name (literally). I first met Jessie when selling protein balls, she just so happened to be one of my first customers! Shortly after, Paws'n'Petals Vinyls was introduced to Youngstown and I could not be more proud, excited, and honored to share her shop with all of you!

Paws'n'Petals Vinyl is the perfect shop for all things personalized and printed! A few things that I will be giving this year include custom order kitchen towels for a newly wed couple, which I am obsessed with, and two buffalo plaid bandanas for my two favorite pups!


Youngstown Clothing Co.

@youngstownclothingco |

For the Youngstown enthusiast, Youngstown native, or simply those who may appreciate a good vintage tee - Youngstown Clothing Company has something for everyone on your list! I love this shop for many reasons, the first being how incredibly soft and well-made the material of each product is. Secondly, I can't look through a collection without thinking back on a memory or making a connection with the art.

Every piece of clothing is beautifully made, incredibly unique, and truly gives you the feeling of community. Youngstown Clothing Company is available to order online, or you can stop by Stone Fruit Coffee for a variety of products. You will also be able to shop Youngstown Clothing Co. through their store-front in the mall over the season!

StoneFruit Coffee Co.

@stonefruit_coffee |

I think we all know someone who can appreciate a great cup of coffee. StoneFruit Coffee Company is my one-stop shop for all things coffee-lover related. Not only do they have a variety of organic coffee on hand to purchase at any time, but they also carry beautifully crafted ceramic mugs, chic tee-shirts for your coffee enthusiast, and a few products from local artists and creators. To me, giving the gift of StoneFruit Coffee Company, means giving a gift that keeps on giving. I love supporting local businesses whenever I can, and I love that StoneFruit is always supporting local businesses and artists within the Youngstown community.

StoneFruit Coffee Company offers a variety of different gift ideas for your holiday season including StoneFruit travel mugs, apparel from Youngstown Clothing Company, and hand poured candles from 1820 House. Find a location near you through the link above!


Scented Essentials

@_scentedessentials |

For the fragrance queen, or king (Chad happens to love candles *maybe more than I do), this holiday season! Anything that can make your home feel clean and cozy is a winner in my book. Scented Essentials is a handmade, homemade fragrance brand here in Youngstown, selling hand poured candles, wax melts, and alcohol-free air fresheners.

Scented Essentials has a huge variety of candles, melts, and air fresheners to choose from, including special holiday features. A few of my favorite for this time of year include "Elf Sweat" for the gym-rat in your life, "Under The Mistletoe" for that special someone, and "Christmas Thyme" for your favorite foodie. You can purchase Scented Essentials directly through the Etsy shop link above!

The Social Studio

@thesocialstudioinc |

From natural beauty products to chic home decor, The Social Studio has something for everyone on your list. Kristen Katsourakis is the founder, owner and creative eye behind the ultra chic design firm, The Social Studio. Her business specializes in event planning and custom design coordination, as well as design and decor rentals. Kristen's style,  aesthetic, and design behind each event is unique and sophisticated, while being incredibly clean and simple.

Along with private events, Kristen has an exquisite store front and gift shop in the heart of Boardman, Ohio. I wish I could list each and every treasure that I wanted to purchase from her shop, but to name a few, I am in love with her collection of vibrant candles, neutral tone pillows and throws, all natural skin and beauty products, and kitchen tools and textiles. Each and every item is different, totally unique and perfect for someone (everyone) on your list.


Honorable Mentions

A few of my favorite local shops that are perfect for gift cards and stocking stuffers!

The Orange Avocado | @theorangeavocado

Grey Boutique | @greyfashionboutique

Branch Street Coffee | @branchstreetcoffee

Second Sole | @secondsoleytown

Kylie Reed Photography | @kyliereedphoto

Bake Me Treats | @bakemetreats