GetGo Cafe & Market: Convenience Made Healthy

A One Stop Shop For Healthy, Nourishing, and Convenient Options

From subs and sandwiches to grilled chicken salads, GetGo is the place to go for all things healthy and convenient. Today I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening celebration of the newest GetGo Cafe and Market, located in Niles, Ohio. For all of my lovely friends and local readers, you may have noticed the growth and expansion of GetGo in the last few months. I am here to assure you, GetGo is here to stay and for very good reason. From the time I can remember, I loved going to the grocery store with my mom. More specifically, I loved going to Giant Eagle with my mom. I vaguely remember the kid friendly "Eagle's Nest" - a little station for kids while parents did the shopping - and how I begged my mom to let me go. Although it was a great idea, my mom must have known our grocery shopping time was more valuable than I perceived. I learned a lot about healthy eating from the way my mom shopped and the items she chose. Giant Eagle always offered beautifully arranged and vibrant fresh produce, freshly baked breads and bagels, as well as iconically decorated cookies and cakes. I was young and naive, but I knew what I liked. Everything was eye catching, drool worthy, and very possibly #instaworthy, even back in the 90's.

As I grew older and now settling in as an adult, I often look back the many memories from the grocery store and I can't help but laugh as I now find it more of a "must do" than a bonding experience. None the less, grocery shopping is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. I am a foodie at heart and a Nutritionist by trade; my entire life revolves around food!

Throughout my college years, I struggled with finding balance and transitioning into my own version of healthy. One of the reasons being, Youngstown didn't have much to offer when it came to health and convenience. I often found myself rushing out of the house and skipping breakfast, or forgetting to pack a lunch and having to settle with fast food. Of course I tried to make the best of the situation and choose "healthier" options, but it never made me feel as good as homemade or natural meals made with fresh ingredients.

Fast forward a few years, and I almost can't believe my eyes. Giant Eagle, home to some of my fondest childhood foodie memories, has taken action and has changed the way nutrition compares to convenience. I am honored to share a behind the scenes look of the many features that the GetGo Cafe and Market has to offer, and what they provide to those who need it most.

The Youngstown Community: Options lead to opportunity

When we're limited in choices, faced with inconvenience or forced to settle; naturally we begin to lack motivation, clarity, and direction. When it comes to choosing nutritious foods, I believe we all know what we should be eating, but often get caught up in what, how and when certain foods are offered. It is within that moment of settling, that we make the sacrifice of nutrition for convenience.

This is the case for most suburban, low-income or impoverished communities; most convenient stores lack sufficient nutrition and fresh options to those who do not have access to anything else. Traditional convenient stores, gas stations, and quick marts were implemented to make life easier - not healthier. Many parts of Youngstown are considered major food deserts for those within the community. Thus meaning, members of the community and city are denied access to healthy and fresh options due to a lack of availability within the area. Food deserts have been correlated with high rates of obesity with children and adults, malnutrition, and chronic lifestyle related illnesses.

GetGo has changed the way Youngstown deals with convenience. For those who struggle to make healthy choices or need access to healthier options, The GetGo Market has a vast selection of nutrient-dense foods such as fresh cut fruits and vegetables, power packs filled with protein and healthy fats, as well as protein rich dairy products like Chobani Yogurts, homemade parfaits, and natural cheese. Along with the many quick, pre-made options, GetGo also offers homemade sandwiches, chicken dishes, and salads at any time of the day. Members of the community can also purchase refrigeration products such as eggs, milk, yogurt, and packaged meats, along with shelf stable options such as canned soups, breads, and vegetables.


One of the messages, and personally my favorite aspect of this market is to, "Take the cons out of convenience." As a Nutritionist and having the opportunity to work with people of the Youngstown community, I understand first hand how impossible it can be to make healthy choices on the go. I work with college gals, post college gals, and busy moms who all need quick, convenient and fulfilling options in their daily lives. However, more often than not, my clients and the Youngstown community, have to sacrifice one for the other.

The GetGo Cafe and Market, along with Giant Eagle, thrives on bringing realistic convenience into every day life. From homemade healthy options to supplying customers with reputable and natural brands, GetGo has developed an innovative, resourceful, and reliable experience for the Youngstown community.

Get Going with The Mobile App

One of the greatest features introduced to me is the mobile app and online ordering. Although I am an avid kiosk lover and long-time customer, I have never had the pleasure of customizing my very own meal from the comfort of my home. With the GetGo app, I am able to build, order, and pay for my entire meal before leaving the house. Can you say, dangerous?

The mobile app is great for anyone looking for the utmost convenient way to grab a bite on the go. All you have to do is download the app, choose the nearest GetGo location, plan for a pick-up time, and create your meal! The GetGo Market has hundreds of options to choose from including colorful salads (practically a virtual salad bar), grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps made with hormone free chicken, and fresh smoothies made with 100% real fruit.


Once your order is complete, you can then place the order, pay for it directly through the app, and pick it up on your way to wherever. The process is quick, easy, and time efficient; GetGo strives to make sure you have exactly what you need without missing a beat. Whether you're looking for a convenient yet healthy option, or maybe just a late-night treat, GetGo has you covered!

Click here to download the app

Locations and Features of The GetGo Cafe and Market

Youngstown Locations

Boardman GetGo Cafe & Market: 133 Boardman Poland RdBoardman, OH 44512

Canfield GetGo & Market: 4590 Boardman Canfield RdCanfield, OH 44406

Austintown GetGo & WetGo: 5163 Mahoning AveAustintown, OH 44515

Niles GetGo Cafe & Market: 1330 Youngstown Warren RdNiles, OH 44446

GetGo Cafe & Market Features

  • 24 Hour Cafe & Market

  • Ready Made and Fresh to Order Foods: Salads, subs, sandwiches, and plenty more!

  • Fresh Smoothies: Made with REAL fruit!

  • Coffee + Expresso Bar

  • Refrigeration and Pantry Goods

  • High Quality and Reputable Brands

  • Mobile App + Online Ordering

  • Free ATM + Free Wifi

  • Quality Fuel + Fuel Perks

Today I had the pleasure of joining Giant Eagle and their amazing team in the grand opening celebration of the newest getGo Cafe and Market. As this was a sponsored event, I want to thank each and every reader for supporting The Healthiest Me and giving me the opportunity to work with brands that I love. Also, thank you for Giant Eagle and the GetGo team for making this experience so memorable.  I love supporting brands that support and nourish our community!