Easy Homemade Guacamole

Even though date night is like every night, there's just something different about Saturdays. I love the fact that week after week, we both look forward to going 'out,' getting a good meal, and just enjoying each others company. It truly just never gets old. This weekend is Chad's birthday weekend, as his birthday is on Monday, so our plans were completely in his hands. We ended up getting a workout in by 4:30, stopped at Hotheads for a quick bite, and were home by 8 for a movie night. Before you ask yourself whether we're eighty years old or in our early/mid-twenties, let me assure you - we had chips and guac waiting for us, and our true age is questionable!

I love guac on just about anything and everything! It wasn't long ago that I had bought 3 pounds worth from Sam's Club (questioned my sanity), yet was gone before it could even think to expire. If we're being honest, I love guac more than avocados, and yes I know it is avocados, but there's a difference.  I've tried to love plain jane avocados but I just don't. I don't really think they taste like much, so it's not that I completely dislike them, I just prefer them with a little cilantro and seasonings!

This recipe is totally fool proof and can be spruced up as much as you would like. I'm a mild-guac type of gal so I don't normally add any hot peppers to my recipe, but if you like a bit of spice, jalapeños work wonders. I would say this recipe is the perfect, safe, and easiest guac to whip up if you're looking to please a crowd. It's a recipe that everyone can enjoy, and can be enjoyed with a variety of things! We decided to pair our date night guac with some Tostitos jalapeño chips (which were very good), and had plenty left for some morning eggs, or even our Monday night birthday steaks.

I hope you love this recipe as much as we do! Be sure to tag me in all of your recipes with the hashtag #thehealthiestme, or @thehealthiest_me,  so I can see!

Easy Homemade Guacamole

What You Will Need

  • 2 ripe avocados, 1/2 red onion, handful of fresh cilantro, 1 lime (juiced), 1/2 lemon (juiced), 1 tsp. sea salt, and 1 tsp. ground black pepper

* This recipe is build-able, so go by taste! I found it was easiest to start with these simple 7 ingredients, and then add more as needed! 

In a large mixing bowl, mash 2 ripe avocados until you reach a creamy consistency with a small amount of chunks. Next, mix in your chopped red onion, cilantro, lime and lemon juice. Gradually add sea salt and black pepper into the mix, and taste often.

You can also add in diced jalapeño for spice, or chopped tomatoes for a salsa type feel. The guac-world is all yours, so get creative and don't be afraid to go for a more bold flavor!

Once your guac looks (authentic) restaurant-ready, it's time to serve! I paired our guac with some jalapeño chips and again with sweet chili tortilla chips. Both were the perfect hint of spice for this mild recipe. As Sunday morning rolls around, I'm definitely going to have some with eggs or on toast! Guacamole is such a healthy, natural, and delicious way to add a saucy texture and flavor to any meal. Give it a try on a recipe that you wouldn't normally pair it with, you might even be surprised!